Window AC Not Blowing Cold Wind

Top Reasons Behind Why the Window AC Unit Stopped Blowing Cool Air

Has the air conducting system stopped producing cool air? Well, several reasons can trigger this problem. One of the most common reasons that make the AC units dysfunctional, is the accumulated dirt, mites, and grime. These buildups mainly clog the AC units, which ultimately result in the decrease of temperature of the device.

Sometimes, choosing the incorrect mode can completely prevent the Air conditioning system from generating sufficient cool air. However, even after setting the AC unit to “Cool” did not help you to get cool air, the problem is with the components of the device. A low refrigerator, contaminated air filters, and even grimy AC coils can lead you to this AC problem. 

At times, a defective condenser motor and the default refrigerant level are more likely to cause problems in the AC units. As a result, it will stop blowing cool air and make the entire room feel hot, humid, and uncomfortable. So, make sure, you have availed AC repair, and maintenance service at least once a year to avoid unwanted device breakdowns. If the air conditioner has failed to deliver cold air, opt for an AC cleaning service. 

Primary Causes Behind this Problem & Importance of AC Cleaning

A window AC is best known for making the room temperature cool within minutes. Moreover, it doesn’t take up space like the other variants of AC. This is the reason why most of the organizations prefer installing a Window AC. 

However, if the AC units are not generating cool air, it’s high time to book a professional technician. They will locate the root of the problem with ease. Also, you can even acknowledge the problem behind the “AC unit is not blowing cool air” by just going through the below-mentioned reasons.

But, don’t intervene in this matter if you are not acquainted with the AC parts. Because your silly mistakes might be damaging the AC units beyond repair. Now, let’s see some of the common causes, why your air conditioner is not blowing cold air.

1. Dirty Air Filter

The most common cause of insufficient cool air from window air conditioners is clogged air filters. When the air conditioner gets filled with dirt and dust, it gradually degrades in its performance. Because, when the air filter gets contaminated, there will be little or no airflow. And, this is the reason why the evaporator coils get too cold or frozen and which ultimately restricts the airflow even more. So, it is recommended to opt for monthly or weekly AC cleaning. 

2. Dysfunctional Fan and Motor

The fan and fan motor are major components in a Window AC. Your Window AC has completely stopped blowing cool air? Then, the problem could be in the fan or maybe the fan motor is responsible. Because, when the fan stops responding or becomes a little slow, the evaporator coil restricts it to generate cool air. 

Usually, in a Window AC, the fan and fan motor are located inside the AC unit. So, open the cabinet and make sure the fan blades or motor are not damaged. Connect with professionals associated with Dubai Cleaners to perform this job. They will guide you to repair and replace the broken, and damaged fan and motor and clean the AC unit thoroughly. 

3. Problematic Temperature Control 

Did you check the fan, motor, and air filter? Is the air conditioner still unable to generate cool air? Then, you should now check the temperature control, also known as the thermostat. The dysfunctional temperature control or thermostat is another cause behind this sort of AC problem. Because the thermostat mainly controls the incoming air temperature and it monitors the compressor as well. 

And, when this thermostat gets damaged somehow, it stops sending adequate power supply to the compressor. As a result, the AC unit of Window AC stops producing cool air. With the help of professional assistance, check the sensing bulb, and look if there are any signs of damage. Repair or replace it only after the professional’s recommendations.

4. Faulty Capacitor

Last but not the least, it is important to state that because of a defective compressor circuit you will come across “AC unit not blowing cool air” problem. Most of the Window AC contains a capacitor. Now, you must be wondering how is this component notable? Actually, it helps to start the compressor. So, when the capacitor stops functioning, the compressor fails to start. 

For this, the fan produces warm air and this results in a sweaty room atmosphere. So, make sure you have opted for an immediate capacitor replacement to ensure the proper functioning of the Window AC. 


Even for a faulty electronic control board or PCB assembly, the AC units won’t function properly. So, it is highly recommended, if you get any sign of damage or corrosion, contact the experts of Dubai Cleaners in the first place. So, book an AC cleaning service and keep your window AC unit functional for years to come.

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