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Tips to Make the Floors of Your House Germ-Free and Immaculate

Cleanliness is a very important part of our life.  It is a crucial part of our day-to-day routine. It not only makes our house look beautiful, but also protects us from all the deadly diseases, and makes our surroundings even more homely. 

In today’s world, where we have to deal with such a deadly virus, coronavirus, cleanliness is a must. Floor cleaning not only helps your house to look good but is also necessary for your personal hygiene, appearance and your self-esteem. It removes all the negativity and brings a good aura. If any sudden guests, come and see your dirty floor, or get any foul smell, it can be very embarrassing for you. 

Thus, floor cleaning is a must, and being the most traffic gathering area, you must not neglect this. Your family members are walking with dirty feet. If there is any kid in the house, then he/she can sit on the floor, pick up something and put it in his/her mouth. So, you can understand the necessity. Hence, to avoid all these unhygienic aspects there are some simple tips that you must follow, which will make your life a little easier.   

Cleaning Products that you Need

There are some basic products which you need to use to clean your floor. You can go and shop some of these if you don’t have them.

  • Biodegradable Plastic 

Biodegradable bag to carry waste products. You should not only think about your own house but also about your surroundings, in which you live, it is also your home. So, use biodegradable plastic bags for sure to discard waste.

  • Gloves and Brushes

Gloves are the second most essential thing that you need to protect your hands. It keeps your hand neat and clean. It decreases the chance of getting affected by any disease or falling sick.

Cleaning brushes are used to bring off that stuff that is hard to reach. It is absolutely necessary for floor cleaning, kitchen ceilings etc. 

  • Mop and Bucket 

These are used for mopping the floors of the bathroom, kitchen etc. A mop is a tool which consists of a sponge attached with the handle, or some loose stings that help in wiping the floor.

  • Vacuum Cleaner or Broom Stick

Broomsticks are used to sweep dirt from the floor or to clean the cobweb from the walls. Whereas vacuum cleaners are an essential part of the floor cleaning tips. So, if you already have a vacuum cleaner at your home, then you can use it, or else a broom is also a good option.  

So, these are some basic equipment, best-suited to maintain domestic cleanliness. 

What are the Ways to Clean the Floor?

The foremost thing that you need is to vacuum or sweep first. Do this without water. Sweep off all the dirt so that it can prevent from being sticky on the floor or being muddy. Start from the corners and work in a systematic way. If you have a vacuum cleaner, then you can use it. Or else, a broomstick is completely fine. Broomsticks can vary according to your floor. 

Use proper detergent. Avoid the fake one, or else it can make your floor yellowish in color. First, put some detergent in water and mix it, a foamy form will appear. Use a proper mop according to your floor. A sponge mop is best if you have a smooth floor. Fill the bucket with hot water, this will help you to clean your floor more easily and more quickly.

Now, put the mop in the bucket, where you have poured hot water. Do not completely put the mop in water, damp it. Too much water falling from your mop can damage your floor. Now, you can begin mopping. Stand in an un-mopped area for the move backwards. Beginning mopping from one end to another. 

For sponge mop use a straight line so that you can clean the floor properly. And, for stubborn stains or spots use a scrubber. Use a sponge scrubber, or else you might damage the floor. Now, leave some time for the floors to dry up.

Essential Home-made Floor Cleaning Tip

Here are some home-made remedies that you can use to clean the floor and ditch those market products.

  • Something as a Room Freshener 

If you want your floor to smell good, you can use a refresher. It is easily available in the markets. The other thing you can do is to make your own home-made refresher. It is not so expensive. All the ingredients are available in your home. You just need water, white vinegar, baking soda and oil. 

You need a spray bottle to mix water and baking soda. Now, add vinegar in it. A small reaction will take place as white vinegar contains acetic acid and water, and baking soda consists of salt. Now, add a few drops of oil and shake it properly and use it.   

  • For All-Floor Purpose

The most common and basic floor cleaning tip is, use water and vinegar to clean your floor. Mix the distilled water and vinegar in a proper ratio and stir it properly. If you want, you can also use a few drops of essential oil. It disinfects your floor and brings a natural shine to it. 

Dip the mop in the solution, and then use it on your floor. Rub it from one corner to another. Remember to keep other acidic substances away from the children.

  • Don’t Ignore Doormat or Floor Carpet

If you have a pet, then they will bring most of the dirt from outside, when they go out for playing. The best solution is to put a doormat in front of the outside door. In this way, you will protect your floor easily. If you see some hard-to-remove strains, you can use some of the home remedies. 

Try using shaving cream, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda etc. Put light water on the strain, then apply shaving cream on it and keep it for some time. You will see the effect. It won’t damage the fibre or discolor it.  

  • What about Vacuuming? 

Vacuuming regularly is very important. Both a vacuum cleaner or a broom can be used for this purpose. At least, once or twice a week is essential. If you have pets you must clean your floor, dust your furniture and remove the allergens. 

  • Disinfectant 

You can make a home-made disinfectant floor cleaner as well. For that, you need warm water, white vinegar, liquid soap, and essential oil for it. To make home-made disinfectant floor cleaner, you can use a bucket or a spray bottle. Mix it well and use it. You will see the change. 


These are some cleaning tips you need in your daily life. These are basic and not at all expensive home-made tips. This will guide you to make your house germ-free. Additionally, you can also seek help from the professionals. Book a service from Dubai Cleaners and, sit and relax.

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