Tips on Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Swimming Pool Cleaning tips

In our contemporary lifestyle, the swimming pool plays an important role. It does not matter if the pool is residential or commercial but what does matter is the quality of water. In Dubai, a pool can become the source of enjoyment, to beat the heat. But, pools tend to become dirty if it’s left unchecked for a long time. 

Maintaining a pool is a hard job as there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Trash gets accumulated on the surface, along with other insects and germs. Meanwhile, the insides of the pool start to form algae and other bacterias. 

Keeping all these things in mind, you can still do a good job of maintaining it, only with the help of a few essential tips. Or, even better, professionals provide expert swimming Pool Cleaning Services. Here, you are about to get an idea on Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips!

Effective Tips for Maintaining a Swimming Pool

Get your swimming pool clean with these easy tips mentioned below. You’d be saving up cost and will also get the job done quickly. 

Skim and Scrub

The surface of the pool tends to accumulate leaves, insects, and trash. Removing them once in a week is an excellent way to keep the pool maintained. Alongside, removing algae formation from the sides of the pool is also an effective way to keep the pool clean. 

The experts from Dubai-Cleaners has the right tools to make the entire process easy and quick. Besides, they know the right methods to scrub and make sure no bacterias remain. 

Clean Filtration System

Filtration systems are like the heart of the swimming pool Cleaning Services. It regulates the water body and ensures that the impurities are excluded from the water. Be ti dirt, leaves, or anything, the filtration systems clear off a lot of things. But, because it is so effective, it can easily become clogged and dirty. 

Professionals have had training in such areas. Hence, they use the right tactics to clear the filtration system effectively. What they do is, turn the filter caps off and then they clean the basket and then proceed to clean the pipes. That being said, they are trained in cleaning various types of fo filters like a sand filter, cartridge filter, and Diatomaceous filter. 

Maintaining Chemical Levels

One of the most important factors in sustaining a proper pool is the level of chemicals added to it. Being precise in this field is a necessity as an improper balance would probably end up causing skin irritation, soggy water, etc. Additionally, the surface water becomes a place for bacteria breeding. Professionals are well aware of that so they maintain the following chemicals for making a proper balance in the water:


The professionals use the right amount of Chlrorini to keep the immunity of the water body strong in Cleaning Services. It is effective for killing germs and bacteria in the water. 


The water body needs to have a blend of alkaline and acid levels. So, the experts make sure to keep the range between 7.5 to 7.9. That being said, they also maintain a pH level that lasts from 60 to 120. 

Calcium Hardness

Calcium hardness is an important factor in maintaining the poll body as a balanced mix of it and prevents plastic from damaging. The experts have a handful of knowledge in keeping it between 220 to 350. However, they’re also aware of vinyl side pools, a lower amount of it would suffice. 

Remove Oils

It is needless to say that most people apply lotion as UV protectants during sunbathing and then finally jumping into the pool. Or, it can be hair oil or natural oil from the body. This way the oil gets extracted from the body or hair and mixes with the water which can be a tough job if you think of removing. 

But despite that, using professional products that are great in absorbing oil, you can clean the pool. Put the solution in the water so that oil is easily absorbed in the absorbent. You can also place a tennis ball in the pool as it can also absorb oil and make the water body oil-free. 

Increase Chlorine Level As A Shock

Shocking the pool water is a phenomenon that is used to treat the water body of the pool from germs and bacterias. This is done by increasing the level of chlorine content in the water. Our professionals use 3 to 5 times the amount of it in the return line. This way the entire concentration equally distributes to the entire water body. Also, if you refer to experts, they are well aware to do it in the right amount. 

Power Wash

Power washing is an essential tip to maintain the pool. The deck of the pool is equally important as the pool body. So, keeping it clean is also important. Power washing is a technique that deals with washing the deck with pressure. If you seek help from professionals, they provide power washing of the decks using advanced technologies and equipment. They make sure no weather stains or dirt is remaining on the deck. 

Pump Cleaning

The pool pump is an important factor that plays a role in maintaining the water flow in and out of the pool. However, there is not much to do with the pump. All you next o do is let it run as much as possible, every day. But it can become faulty too. All the dirt and trash can get caught up in the pump line during the suction. The experts know that and they don’t hesitate to fix it if it happens to your pool pumps. 

These essential tips are useful if you do it right away. Get your swimming pool cleaning services from Dubai-Cleaners today!

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