Professional Sofa Cleaning Tips For You (Tips & Tricks)

sofa cleaning

The sofa is one of the fanciest interior decors in your house. It goes through a wide range of hassles throughout the day. Starting from attending guest to acting as a comfort zone for the entire family. Thus, sofas and couches might have the largest amount of dirt, dust, and allergens. 

Do you clean your sofas regularly? If not, then there are high chances that all the allergens of the sofa might discomfort you with respiratory problems. Overcome all hygiene issues with a proper sofa cleaning service. 

But, cleaning a sofa or couch is not an easy task. Most people consider the sofa cleaning service as a cumbersome procedure, made up of diversely difficult processes. A sofa has several folds and crevices that are not easy to reach for cleaning. 

If you proceed with the cleaning after a long interval of time then it becomes much more difficult. Hence, it is recommended to clean your sofa periodically. You can follow professional tips, too.

Tip 1: Don’t Overlook the Instructions

If your sofa has a care or instruction label then please go through the directions carefully. The care label must include what you should use for the sofa cleaning as per the fabric or materials of the sofa. Use only that prescribed cleaner for removing the dust and dirt from your sofa.

Tip 2: Begin with Vacuuming

Whatever cleaner is mentioned on the care label, a proper sofa cleaning should start with a vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to get rid of every speck of dirt and dust particles from the flat surfaces and edges of the sofa. Pull all the dust out of your couch with a powerful vacuum cleaner. This is an unskippable step especially if you have pets. Vacuuming is more efficient than ordinary dusting as it absorbs minute particles from your sofas.

Tip 3: Act Quickly for Stains

If juice or anything spills on your sofa then you need to hurry. Get rid of the stain as soon as possible with a bloating cloth or paper. Otherwise, the stain can enter deep down the fabric of the sofa and damage the fabric. Once you have completed the bloating, cleanse the affected area with a mild shampoo and water. 

While shampooing the area don’t scrub the sofa vigorously because it can damage the softness and smoothness of the sofa. In case, the stain is solid then it is better to use a blunt knife to scrub gently. If you don’t want to use shampoo, then apply baking soda and vinegar on the stain. Finally, wipe off the area with a soft cloth.

Tip 4: Remove Oil Stains

Oil stains are stubborn in nature. But, there is a brilliant idea to deal with oil stains on your favourite sofa. Sprinkle baking soda over the oil stains of your sofa. When the baking powder soaks up the oil, you need to clean the area with water. Baking soda is considered majestic to deal with greasy stains on the sofa.

Tip 5: Don’t Make your Sofa Entirely Damp  

If you fully wet your sofa then the fabric of the sofa can be damaged. Excess water can lead to fabric shrinking and even leave watermarks on your sofa. It is better to proceed with sofa cleaning if you intend to use a steam cleaner. 

The steam cleaner is very easy to use and moreover, the steam cleaner can remove 90% stains, germs from your sofa. Otherwise, it gets difficult to dry your sofa completely if you wet your sofa. A damp sofa is a hotbed for viruses, bacteria, and other allergens. If your sofa seats are made up of leather then mop them with a wet cloth.

Tip 6: Try Commercial Sofa Cleaning Products

There are several commercial products available in the market for sofa cleaning. You can purchase them but don’t apply all over your sofa in the first place. Choose a corner of the sofa and apply the commercial product. If the test results are positive and leave no side-effect on the fabric of your sofa then you can opt for the entire sofa cleaning. Don’t use the product if proves to harm the fabric of the sofa.

You have to keep patience while you are engaged with sofa cleaning so that you can give your sofa a sparkly shine. Generally, a sofa requires deep cleaning once in eighteen months to ensure its longevity.

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