Prevent COVID-19: Disinfect the Clothes With Proper Cleaning Guidelines

Disinfect the Clothes

During the Coronavirus outbreak, it is important to maintain social distance. Additionally, we need to wash our hands and every essential item with disinfectants. In nutshell, to fight the battle against COVID-19, we need to stay healthy, safe and seek assistance from the best disinfection services. 

Moreover, by just disinfecting your clothes, you can keep aside all your worries regarding getting infected by harmful germs or bacterias. And, in this Coronavirus pandemic, you need to be extra careful about everything. 

So, avail the necessary preventive measures when you are cleaning your clothes. And, with the professional guidance of laundry services, you can disinfect the clothes and also take the utmost care of the fabrics. 

Importance of Disinfecting the Clothes

With regular cleaning, you won’t be able to make the clothes free from any kind of germs, bacterias or other microbes. But, with the right disinfectant solutions, the chances of eliminating the germs are high. 

Additionally, the top-leading disinfection services make sure the hard surfaces and textiles are cleaned properly so that the germs won’t spread easily. If one person touches another diseased person, then an infection can spread. And, this deadly virus stays on the surfaces for a long period, such as in textiles and laundries. 

If all these seem to be a hassle, then with the best disinfection services in Dubai, you can get the best cleaning solutions. Lower the risk of indirect transmission with Dubai-Cleaners and get the best disinfection services right at your place. 

How Can One Disinfect Clothes?

You can easily disinfect your clothes by following the below-mentioned cleaning guidelines. However, the steps of disinfecting the clothes will vary based on the type of cleaning procedure. 

At Home

If you want to clean and disinfectant the clothes while staying at your home, you have to be extra careful. Additionally, you need the right laundry requirements to remove the stain or to make it germ-free. But, before using the detergent or disinfectants, make sure you are aware of the products. However, you can even go for dry cleaning.

Use Laundry Detergent

First and foremost, you need to gather all the clothes. And then, wash it using the laundry soap or any kind of effective detergent. We would suggest you use a detergent that consists of a high concentration of bleach. Also, make sure the bleach is not ruining the fabric of the clothes. Now, soak it with a proper solution that consists of quaternary ammonium (One of the best disinfectant chemicals for clothes). 

Opt for the Suitable Water Setting

According to WHO guidelines, deadly viruses like COVID-190 can be easily eliminated if the water temperature ranges between 60-90°C. So, whenever you are washing your clothes, make sure you have opted for the appropriate water temperature settings. Also, make sure, you have not to change the temperature more than it is recommended. Because it might damage or shrink the delicate items of clothing. 

Disinfectant the Laundry Baskets

It is quite important to disinfect laundry bins or baskets. As soon as you come back from work, don’t put the cloth inside the basket. Because the virus can spread instantly from one clothing material to the other. So, make sure you have applied the suitable household disinfectants for cleaning products that contain at least 0.1% sodium hypochlorite.

Avail Preventive Measures

Disinfecting the laundries will be quite easier if you get hold of the professionals for disinfectant services. But, don’t forget to wear gloves. Moreover, you have to wash your hands with warm water once you accomplish the disinfection process. And, if you don’t have gloves, wash your hands with alcohol-based sanitizers or soap. 

At Laundromat

Now, we are mentioning the steps that you have to follow if you are using a washing machine. 

  • The washing machine users need to maintain distance (2-3 meters) from one another. You have to wear gloves to perform the entire disinfection process. 
  • And, before and after washing the laundromat, make sure you have cleaned the laundromat with proper chemical solutions.
  • After touching the dirty clothes, don’t touch your face.
  • Lastly, disinfectant the laundry bins with effective disinfectants. 

Proficient Disinfection Services to Prevent COVID-19

Though it is still not prominent how long the COVID-19 stays on the clothing materials, you can get the best and top-leading laundry services in Dubai to overcome these issues. Dubai-Cleaners, being a renowned disinfection service provider, deliver an effective result when it comes to keeping your clothes free from harmful germs and bacterias. 

Moreover, they have proper knowledge about the right equipment and disinfectants to offer you a healthy and safe environment. So, intensify the cleanliness level and eradicate the germs by incorporating appropriate measures.

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