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Learn the Most Effective Ways for Pool Cleaning

Swimming pools are one of the most exquisite luxuries that we get and it’s undeniable that dipping in the water on a hot summer day is the best feeling. But, if you have a pool of your own, or the owner of a hotel or even resorts, then you understand the importance of maintenance. 

Pools remain open all the time and thus, it can become a place for deposits of many kinds- for example, insects, dirt, algae formation, bacteria, leaves, and much more. Hence, pool cleaning is an absolute necessity. But, the thought itself makes us wonder where to start from. This is because no matter how big or small the pool is, they have to work with the water pumping mechanism. 

So, to figure out about cleaning pools the right way, one must pay attention to planning it. It does not require cleaning every day, but there are marginal ways to keep it well-maintained. If you are interested in knowing when and how to clean your pool the right way, read more below. 

How to Clean Your Pool on a Timely Basis?

Cleaning a pool may sound like a hard job but on the contrary, it isn’t. Follow this advice below to clean your pool for effective results. 

1. Keep Water Circulating 

As you already know, stagnant water often becomes the ideal place for bacteria and other insects to breed. This is why water pumps are made to keep the water flow intact through circulation. So, keeping the water pumped for 24 hours in a day is a necessity. However, this also generates another problem and that is the filter. 

Water pumps do have filters to absorb particles from going in. If you keep the pump running all day long, the filter will wear out. Hence, it is advisable to keep the filter running not more than 12 hours. Also, implement filter backwashing, but also bear in mind that filters are designed in many ways, to serve more than one purpose. 

2. Skim Cleaning 

Net skimming is a popular pool cleaning method that helps the pool to get rid of obstacles. Using a net basket with a long pole-like holder, you can take out leaves, bottles, papers from the surface of the pool. Skimming can be also referred to as a basic cleaning process, as it helps you with deep cleaning later on. Additionally, skimming is not exactly a difficult job, so you can do this twice every one week. Or, you can also do it once every week. 

3. Vacuuming & Brushing 

As much as skimming is helpful to your pool, there are other things that add up to the pool’s inconsistency. For instance, molds can grow on the walls, algae can form on the bottom of the pool. Also, frogs can make their habitat in the water along with other harmful contamination. 

Hence, deep cleaning is a necessity, so vacuum your pool once every week. Once the water is out, you can use cleaning equipment to scrub and wipe the tiles. Try using a combination of baking soda as it helps in cleaning without causing any damage. Once you’ve brushed and scrubbed the walls, fill in water and vacuum it out again. Then, fill with freshwater. If doing it every week becomes a problem, try doing it once every two weeks. 

4. Balanced PH Levels 

When you build a swimming pool, you may have noticed that learning about the chemistry balance of the water in the pool is of great importance. This is true because water is in fact a matter formed with atoms and molecules. Thus, factors, like it’s pH level, sanitized level, and alkaline level, must be checked. But how? Well, there are testing kits available that determine all the levels. For example, 7.4 is an ideal measure among acidic and base. On the other hand, alkalinity acts as a pH buffer. 

It simply restricts the surge in acidity or basicity spike. So, when you use the testing kit, make sure the ideal range is between 100 and 150 ppm. Meanwhile, if you want to increase the alkaline levels, then you can use baking soda. Also, other factors like the level of bromine, and chlorine are essential too, where the latter must range within 1.0 to 3.0. There are separate testing kits for those. So, use the testing kits at least twice a week. 

5. Shock the Pool 

Shocking your pool is also a very effective way to maintain it. Despite the sanitization, shocking your pool adds more weight of cleanliness to the pool. This is a useful method especially when a rainstorm has hit your place. Or, even when a lot of your friends and family members have used the pool. 

Try doing this once in a while, but usually during the night or during dusk. Why? Because shocking your pool results in a chemical reaction. As your pool already contains chlorine, the shock can cause a massive reaction. And during the day, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can deteriorate the effect. So, run the shock at night and make sure that the water pump circulates the water for at least over 8 hours.  

6. Other Measures

There are other measures that you can implement to keep your pool maintained. For instance, if you continue to see that algae are starting to grow more than often, then you can invest in an algae preventer which stops its growth.

That being said, you can also invest in metal-controlling products. Doing so regularly will increase the efficiency of the pool. Meanwhile, if the water testing kit has not been of any use to you, then you can simply get in touch with water testing services. Thus, you can get a full report on what your pool water contains. 

7. Pool Maintenance Services

Here’s one more thing that can guarantee your pool, with proper hygiene and care. There are plenty of pool cleaning services in Dubai and pool maintenance services available near your locality. Using professional cleaning methods and products, professional cleaners from pool cleaning services in Dubai can assure you great work. If you find it hard to keep up with it, then this is an optimal solution for you. 


Having a pool and maintaining it all by yourself can be a tough job. More so, because it takes time, effort and patience, and consistency. However, the results are worth the trouble and time spent on cleaning it. So, if you want to enjoy your summer days relishing the water, then Dubai Cleaners for effective results. The expert cleaners have advanced tools to clean the pool with the least possible time.

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