International City 2, Dubai

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International City 2 is one of the developed areas in Dubai. This place is widely known for several architectural residential buildings and tourist attractions. Apart from that, you will find several pools, private parking, retail stores, restaurants, gyms, and parks in International City 2. 

People usually move to International City 2 from various places for better accommodation opportunities. Thus, the local inhabitants of this neighbourhood avail efficient services to maintain a healthy and better lifestyle. Hiring renowned professionals is the best way to get suitable solutions to maintain a living standard.

Emergency Services We Offer

The residents of International City 2 rely on our certified and licensed professionals to fulfil their basic needs. Dubai-Cleaners have enhanced the standard of service so that we can help you to overcome the hurdles with appropriate cleaning suggestions. 


Moreover, being one of the top-leading service providers across International City 2, we offer a wide range of services. And, this includes essential services like., House Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Sanitisation and Disinfection, Maid Service (Full ad Part-Time), and  Curtain Cleaning services. Get Sofa Cleaning, AC cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Car Wash, Mattress Cleaning, Laundry, and Dry Cleaning services. 

Furthermore, we serve high-quality Bathroom Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, and Commercial Cleaning. We can even serve you with on-site assistance in Window Cleaning, Pool Cleaning, and Water Tank Cleaning anywhere in International City 2, Dubai. 

Impeccable Services

Dubai-Cleaners helps you to get on-time cleaning assistance in International City 2. Book an appointment with our professional and get premium quality services. Simply, mention the type of cleaning service that you want to avail. And, based on the chosen service package, our professional will arrive at your mentioned place based on your preferred time and date.

Trustworthy and Top-Rated Professionals

Dubai-Cleaners are associated with the professionals who have immense expertise in offering you with a high-quality service. Additionally, they are vetted, certified, knowledgeable, and highly trained to serve you with an effective home-based cleaning service. So, if you reside in International City 2, Dubai, get on-site professional assistance from Dubai-Cleaners. 

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