How to Select the Right and Safest Disinfectant and Cleaning Products for Home?

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Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, sanitization & disinfection service after any cleaning service are getting mandatory day by day. As a matter of fact, only these two practices are saving many lives where there is no effective vaccine against the infection. Hence, you can’t underestimate the power of sanitization and disinfection.

But, is every disinfectant or sanitizer worth its value? Is it safe to use them anywhere at any time? How secure are they for daily use? 

Here, we will discuss how to choose the right disinfectant or other cleaning products for your home. It’s not only about protection from germs and infection but also about you and your family’s hygiene. Let’s get started.

What to Look for When you are Purchasing a New Disinfectant?

Though cleaning, sanitization & disinfection services might sound underwhelming, it has become shields against the deadly Coronavirus. By now, the world has seen that only effective cleaning and disinfection can provide long-lasting protection from this disease. 

But, do you know strong disinfectants can cause harm to your health and even lead you to cancer? We hope that you will understand the importance of choosing a mild but effective disinfectant. That’s why you should stick to the following guidelines while choosing a disinfectant.

Say No to More Products

For sanitization & disinfection services, it’s not true that the more it is, the better it will be. Don’t purchase different disinfectants for different spaces and occasions. Only a single disinfectant will be enough for your all-round home protection.

How about a Home-Made Disinfectant?

We will tell you a secret. You need not go to buy disinfectant anymore while you have these magic ingredients at your home. These magic ingredients are white vinegar, baking soda, and a liquid detergent. You can clean almost every nook and corner of your home without investing in any additional cleaning product.

And, it’s time for a home-made disinfectant. For this, you need white vinegar and water. Pour white vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio in a spray bottle. Spray anywhere you need to get it disinfected. 

We bet that you will forget all the commercial disinfectants. But, it can’t provide protection against COVID-19. If you want to avail a professional sanitization & disinfection service then call in Dubai Cleaners. The professionals use government-approved disinfectant, effective against Novel Coronavirus.

Go through the Product Labels

The product label that describes the product itself. If you have kids and pets in your house don’t go for those products that have got signs of warning, poison and danger. Verify all those cleaning products claiming to be non-toxic, eco-friendly and overall human-friendly. Do deep research on justifying these products with unbiased online reviews.

Opt for Products with Description of Ingredients

Don’t believe scammers who claim to put natural or Ayurvedic ingredients in their products but don’t disclose the full list of ingredients. So, when you buy any disinfectant or cleaning product for the next time, check if it has mentioned 100% of its ingredients.

What’s the Active Ingredient?

If you can’t make your way without commercial disinfectant then have a look at the active ingredient of the disinfectant you are using. Hypochlorous acid is known to be one of the safest disinfecting agents. Additionally, it is human-friendly to a recommendable dosage as it gets produced in the human body itself. 

Moreover, this acid is strong enough to kill pathogens and other deadly microorganisms. Avail sanitization & disinfection service from Dubai Cleaners for better and long-lasting protection.

Soaps with Antibacterial Claims are Good for Nothing

According to the experts so far, any soap with water can make your hands clean. Hand wash with any regular soap for twenty seconds is enough for removing Coronavirus from your hands. Then, you need not trust all these antibacterial soaps. They just come with deadly antibacterial ingredients and eventually, not safe for human use. It’s just their advertising strategy.

Say Yes to Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide

Most of the public health organizations have recommended such disinfectants that contain alcohol. Moreover, you have to disinfect those surfaces mostly you touch such as switches, doorknobs, mobile phones, remote controls, etc. That’s why you have to apply only approved chemicals over all these. Another safer alternative to alcohol is hydrogen peroxide. Abide by the guidelines mentioned by the local government body.

The Fragrance is Added artificially

So, keep a safe distance from such disinfectant products that have fragrance. Such artificial fragrance can disturb asthma patients due to its synthesized aerosols. Read the product labels to know if the products come with artificial fragrance. Rather than spraying fragrance work on eliminating the source of bad odour. 

Moreover, avail sanitization & disinfection service from Dubai Cleaners for a reliable and trustworthy disinfection service. After all, professional services can help you to retain your peace of mind.

Wash your Hands Often

While cleaning and disinfecting everything surrounding you, you are assuring maximum protection of your family. But what about you? Wash your hands with soap and water often for at least twenty seconds. This method is proven to be effective against COVID-19. Ask your family members to do so, as well. 

Additionally, you need not buy antibacterial or antimicrobial soap for this purpose; any ordinary soap will be enough. If you think that soap is making your hands rough then you can use sanitizer that comes with at least 70% alcohol. 

pH Can’t be Underestimated

Whatever product you are choosing for sanitization & disinfection service, make sure it has got a neutral pH level. Otherwise, it can irritate your skin and eyes. Whenever you apply this disinfectant on any surface, especially gold and silver jewellery, it can discolour the jewellery if it has got a wrong pH.


Say a Big YES to Ventilation When Disinfecting

Whether you have found a safe disinfectant or not, don’t forget to avail enough ventilation while disinfecting your surroundings. Sanitization & disinfection service is most effective when you keep your doors and windows open. Additionally, switch on the fans. Thus, those disinfectants will vanish immediately after serving their purpose.


In the world full of toxic cleaners and advertising giants, it’s almost impossible to find a safer product for cleaning and disinfection. However, don’t give up hope and search for less-chemically processed and non-toxic products for sanitization & disinfection service. This is where Dubai Cleaners stand out as they are always there to serve you with quality services,  maintaining all the health measures.

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