How to Effectively Disinfect Your Car During COVID-19 Lockdown?

Disinfect Your Car

The global pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken a massive toll on the society, economy, and personal lives of humanity. Since the virus is highly infectious, the World Health Organization has made health advisories amidst the current situation. 

It is highly crucial to maintain social distancing, as well as keeping everything safe around us, including ourselves, sanitized. Most of the people have work to attend in this situation. Hence, keeping cars sanitized is a big priority. And why? Because car surfaces, be it interior or exterior can be a place for the virus to remain for a long time. 

Experts from Dubai-Cleaners provide Car Disinfection services with a car wash and this service is uniquely designed keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind. Even during the lockdown, get our car sanitized with premium service. 

Tips on Choosing Clean Agents Based on Car Material

Before you can start disinfecting the car, you need to first sort out cleaning agents depending on the material of the car. For example, the interior of the car has seats which are made of leather. And, there are upholstery, the material of the deck, and various other different materials. Choosing the right agent is as much as important as effective. 

Isopropyl alcohol is known to be a disinfectant that is effective as well as proactive in-car materials. It is known to terminate a good amount of germs, viruses, and bacterias. Our experts from Dubai-Cleaners are aware of its use and they use its application accordingly. 

6 Essential Tips on How to Disinfect Car During the Lockdown

Over the past few months, Coronavirus has been a serious concern. It has been declared as a serious issue by the WHO. All over the world, it has been repeatedly told that maintaining hygiene and keeping everything sanitized is the key to avoid transmitting the virus. 

Experts from Dubai-Cleaners use the requisite methods to keep the car disinfected at this time including the car wash. Here are the prescribed ways that everyone needs to maintain. 

1. Exercise Personal Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is one of the most rudimentary measures before anything. When you’re in the car, it is advisable to keep washing your hands and disinfecting it with sanitizer often. Since the rate of transmission is high from respiratory droplets, make sure you cover up your face with protective masks at all times. Wear proper gloves and mask when you are close to someone who might show signs of illness. 

Stackup boxes of tissue papers inside the car so that you or passengers can use it. Along with that, keep a disposal bag so that you can take the trash out easily. 

2. Vacuum The Car (Dry)

Before you consider cleaning the car, you need to realize that air particles tend to float, and even if you do clean and sanitize the car with proper chemical treatment and agents. These air particles will settle eventually. Or rather, it can transmit to the human body. 

To make sure you start from a clean slate. The experts from Dubai-Cleaners believe in vacuum cleaning first. The virus can remain on the surface for days which is why a hard vacuuming of the car is unnecessary. Make sure that when you are vacuuming, tough spots are not disregarded. The experts are well versed with cleaning off the surface, dashboards, seats, nooks, AC ducts, and more. 

3. Car Wash (Wet)

Respiratory droplets contain the virus that can remain on the surface of the car for a long time. In that case, it is essential to clean the insides of the car. Usually, experts exercise the use of proper cleaning agents based on the materials inside. For example, leather-coated seats and steering wheels can be disinfected with a mixture of a sufficient amount of soap and water in the car wash.

That being said, do not forget to cover the places that are prone to contamination. Like the door handles, mirrors, dashboard, armrests, gear, shifter, seat belts, and more. For places like this, the use of isopropyl alcohol is effective, Take a relative amount and wipe these places with a clean and fresh cloth. 

Keep in mind that it is not a necessity to thoroughly clean the car every day unless you’ve come in contact with someone who has been sick. Otherwise, sanitizing the car this way once in while is effective and beneficial. 

4. Service Car AC

COVID-19 is known to be transmitted through the air too. If you happen to have a passenger in your car then the HVAC ducts can become a passage to distribute the virus around the car. You can try using a small tube of vacuum pipe to first take out the air particles from the duct system. The professionals use the necessary equipment and air spray to make sure the HVAC ducts are clean and germ-free. 

5. Keep Washing Hands

It is essential to keep your hands always clean. Before you get into your car, clean your hands with a sanitizer, and then get inside. Carrying the sanitizer would also be essential during the journey. Since you will be constantly touching everything in the car, including door handles, steering wheels, dashboards, and mirrors, it is important to keep using the sanitizer once in a while and also after you get out of the car. 

6. Practise Social Distancing

Amidst the global epidemic, it is advisable to avoid human interaction. This is an effective way to make sure that the virus does not transmit. This is also applicable to the car. It implies that keep your car away from human interaction For example, if you are at a gas station, maintain a safe distance to get fuel and make sure you’re careful while paying too. 

Get Car Disinfection Service Today!

If all these seem to be hectic, then consider professional assistance. The experts from Dubai-Cleaners care about your well being. Despite the lockdown, the experts are enthusiastic about sanitizing your car for your safety. To make sure your car is disinfected and sanitized, get a car wash service today!

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