How to Disinfect your Home Office During Coronavirus Outbreak?

how to disinfect your home office during coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus disaster has literally changed the lifestyle of human beings for the past few months. Everyone has to abide by some serious rules and regulations, especially when it’s regarding cleaning followed by sanitization & disinfection service

As the pandemic is totally new to the entire mankind, scientists are working on it to get to its core and end it forever. But, unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to get proven and satisfactory medicines and vaccines. 

However, experts are advising everyone to adopt serious cleaning measures. Because only effective cleaning services can allow you to stay protected and safe from COVID-19 infection to a great extent. 

g actions, strong immunity is also a must. Moreover, you have to encourage each and every approved cleaning measure among your family members when you are at home. 

While cleaning and disinfecting every nook and corner, surface and doorknobs, have you ever thought how to keep your home workspace clean? Many of you are currently working from home and you must keep your workstation immaculate, too. Let’s find what you can do to clean and disinfect your home office.

Important Facts about COVID-19

Before you leap to cleaning your home workspace, you must be familiar with some proven facts. If you think that you are working from home and nothing can infect you then you are wrong. It’s true that no one else is visiting you or touching your workspace appliances. But, when you go outside for shopping or any other important reason then the germs can enter your household premises with you.

And, if you touch anything with your hands then the germs can stick to that surface. According to researchers and experts, Novel Coronavirus can stay active on any surface for seventy-two hours unless you wipe the surface out with an effective disinfectant.

So, if you touch your working appliances with the same hands, the surfaces can hold the viruses for too long. Consequently, anyone can be infected with COVID-19. That’s why regular sanitization & disinfection service after cleaning service is mandatory.

What are the Challenges Associated with Home Workspace Cleaning Service?

When it comes to working from home, nothing is possible without a computer and other electronics such as smartphones, routers, etc. You can wipe down the table and chairs with cleaning liquids but you can’t wash these electronic gadgets, right? 

Then, how can you clean the dusty computers? Moreover, the computer might have got stains and other accessories might be grimy. The most hazardous part is the keyboard. 

So, let’s check how you can handle these aspects and enable a clean environment.

Home-Office Cleaning Service

Sanitization & disinfection services are a must but it can remain incomplete if you skip the cleaning services. There will be no fruitfulness of disinfection if your laptop or desktop remains with dust, dirt and grease. That’s why you have to start with a proper plan.

  • Wash your Hands

And, the cleaning task should start with you. As you have already seen that germs can be carried into the home with your hands. So, get yourself a hand wash with a soapy solution for twenty seconds, minimum. If you can’t avail a soap right now then you can use a hand sanitizer that has got at least 70% alcohol as an ingredient.

  • Clean your Desk

The workspace desk should be neat and clean before disinfection. Grab a soft and clean cloth or a microfiber cloth and dust every accessory on your desk. Starting from the surface of the desk, continue to its legs. Clean the chair too with the same microfiber cloth.

  • Dust the Electronics

If you have a desktop computer then you have many things to do, as the desktop comes with different parts. Use only a microfiber cloth to dust the monitor, CPU, UPS, keyboard, and speakers. In case of a laptop, ensure that you dust every curve of the laptop. Afterwards, dust off your printer, router and other electronic gadgets. Don’t forget to dust the connected cables, as well.

  • Use a Vacuum Cleaner

However, you can miss some spots even after sincere dusting, because keyboards can hold food crumbs and dust. Here, a vacuum cleaner comes to your rescue. Use the right fitting accessory with your vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard and other hard to reach spots. Moreover, you can use a paintbrush to remove dust from the keyboard.

  • Clean the Curtains

If the workspace desk has a window nearby then consider curtain cleaning on a regular basis. If the curtains are non-washable then use vacuum cleaners to clean them. Furthermore, you can also seek help from professionals. Avail cleaning services from Dubai Cleaners for hassle-free cleaning.

  • Get Rid of Stains

If the desk has got stains from food, ink or liquid spill then you have to wash your desk. First things first, you have to remove all the electronics, notebooks, pens, and other items from the desk. 

Get a sponge and dip it into a multi-purpose cleaner. You can make a multi-purpose cleaner at your home. Just pour white vinegar and water in 50-50 proportions in a spray bottle and the cleaner is ready to use.

This home-made cleaner is recommended for every kind of desk material available in the market. If the stain is stubborn let the solution remain there for a few minutes. Next, you can rinse off the desk with a wet wipe. 

However, vinegar-water is not effective on ink stains. Use a cotton ball and try rubbing alcohol on the ink stain. And, experience how easily the stain vanishes from your desk.

Sanitization and Disinfection Service at your Home Office

When it comes to sanitization and disinfection service, you can rely on alcohol-based cleaning products rather than opting for toxic chemicals. Alcohol-based disinfectants are approved by the health monitoring authority to prohibit the COVID-19 infection. 

So, you can try rubbing alcohol to wipe down your desk and other accessories. Don’t skip the chairs and additional items. Remember disinfectants are only effective when they stay on surfaces for longer. Use disinfectant wipes to sanitize and disinfect the electronics such as computers, smartphones, routers, and printers. Make sure that the disinfectant wipes have got at least 65% alcohol as an active ingredient.

Moreover, if you are purchasing any disinfectant in the near future, check if they are compatible with the surfaces that you are looking for. Read the product labels carefully before you make any purchase.

The Godliness of Cleaning Services

Apart from cleaning services in household and workplaces, you have to focus on sanitization and disinfection services, too. Keep alcohol wipes with you when you have to travel or go to the workplaces, along with your masks and sanitizers. Furthermore, cleaning as well as disinfection service from Dubai Cleaners can help you to keep your home and office clean and protected.

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