Effective Ways on How to Clean Curtains (Tips & Tricks)

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The majority of homes embraces pretty curtains as decor. As much as they’re helpful in protecting you from the UV rays of the sun, they add an aesthetic feel to your homes.  With its colour pattern and texture, the house feels complete. That being said, it needs care, just as much as other things.

Over the course of time, it has been significantly noticed that curtains become a ground where germs start forming, along with other unseen tiny micro-organisms, like mites and allergens. It is always advisable to keep the curtains clean during the time span of every three months with the right guidance from Dubai Cleaners

In fact, curtain cleaning is a very big necessity, if you have serious respiratory conditions like asthma or dust allergies. This is because each time you decide to draw the curtains, allergens and germs fly around the house, and eventually it will transmit to you. 

Cleaning Curtains: An Overview

If you’ve decided to clean your curtains properly, then there are some things that you should consider. The cleaning process may end up causing damage to the fabric of the curtain if you don’t pay attention to it before. Keeping that in mind, using the right method based on the fabric is important. 

First, remove all the hardware that is located near the curtains. Then, take the curtains out from the windows. Try shaking them so all the dust layers are blown away. But, make sure you wear protective masks as dust can transfer into the respiratory system and cause infections. During the cleaning process, make sure to use two panels for cleaning them for every. And lastly, let them air dry. 

Or you are not sure about the exact process of cleaning the curtains, then you can avail curtain cleaning services from Dubai-Cleaners

Essential Tips for Curtain Cleaning 

To make sure the curtains are properly cleaned without causing any damage to the fabric and texture of the curtain, go through the following tips for curtain cleaning:

Dry Cleaning with Caution

As much as it is advisable to take your curtains to the dry cleaners, you can also decide to wash them at home. If you decide to wash a set of curtains that you’re going to replace soon, then washing them is not a bad option. However, you must keep in mind that, washing them may ruin the texture of the curtains. 

Also, makes sure that you wash them quickly from one panel to another with cold water. Once it’s done, you can hang them instead of drying them on the liner. 

Sheer Texture Curtain

If you have sheer curtains, then you need to make an addition of starch powder along with the detergent for washing. Make sure that the starch powder that you use, is laundry starch. 

Add one cup to it during washing as it is supposed to make the curtains more bright and radiant. When you put them for washing in the washing machine, make sure the spin does not exceed 600 times. Additionally, keep the temperature moderate at 30-degree celsius. 

Shade Cleaning

Shade cleaning does not differ from the sheer cleaning process. If you decide to clean your shades, make sure than the washing machine spin does not exceed beyond 800. Also, it would be advisable to let them dry outside rather than drying them in the washing machine. As soon as you pull them out for the machine, hang them for drying immediately.

Shell Curtain Cleaning

Shell curtains are those curtains that have hanging beads. They’re also called bead curtains. There are plenty of difficulties if you think of washing them. Beds can tangle among themselves or if you’re rough with them, they also might fall apart. The best way to make sure they’re clean is by keeping them straight on a surface, preferably a towel would suffice. 

Now, take a spray bottle and add warm water with liquid detergent into it. Spray the mixture onto the needs and the lining. Take a damp cloth to wipe out the dirt from them. 

Velvet Curtain Cleaning

If you have velvet curtains then you may wonder how to wash them without losing its soft texture. It depends on the velvet if they’re washable or not as some as but most are not. To find out which velvet material is your curtain, check the label of the manufacturer which is attached to the curtain.

However, if you have lined velvet curtains, then it should only undergo dry cleaning. But, if your curtains are unlined velvet then you need to test it for colours. Take a small section of the curtain and damp with a wet cloth. Check if the colour of the curtain is getting transferred to it or not. If it is, then you may need to use dry cleaning for it. 

If the colour does not get transferred then you can clean it with cold water delicately without using too much detergent. Also, make sure you lay them on cotton sheets to dry them. 

However, do not ruin the curtain, if you are not well versed in this domain. You can always rely on professionals from Dubai-Cleaners who are knowledgeable enough to retain the texture, colour and fabric of the curtains. 


Curtain cleaning is effective if you do it once in a while. It is a viable option to shake off the dust layers form the curtains. Wait for a few minutes and let the dust settle on the floor. Then, you can take it out. 

Once in a month, vacuuming the curtains from Dubai-Cleaners is also a good option to prevent germs and bacterias from forming. Use an accurate range of vacuuming every month. And lastly, go for steam cleaning or dry cleaning as vacuuming always does not provide the best results. 

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