Learn When and How to Change the HVAC Filter

change hvac filter

There are various options and DIYs on how to make your home clean and pristine. But, this time we have more important aspects to discuss, that you can add to your to-do list. Let’s talk about the air conditioners which serve you all round the year. It is responsible for the air quality in your room.

Hence, it is your duty to perform AC cleaning very often so that you can experience cool and fresh air. Further, a well-maintained air conditioner also remains functional for a long span of time with enhanced efficiency. 

If you have been thinking of replacing the HVAC filter of the AC, well, it is the right time to do so. Make sure that you replace the filter before you start using the air conditioning system again.

The entire procedure is different from the AC duct cleaning. So, you need to have an exact knowledge of the process. Here, you can get all the relevant information regarding HVAC filter cleaning. Refresh the air quality indoors and check out how the filter changing can be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Why is Changing HVAC Filter Crucial?

Air filters are designed for a shorter lifespan. You should note down the date when you install the air filter on your HVAC system. Thus, you can replace them within the prescribed time frame. Additionally, consider frequent AC cleaning services.

If you use the same air filters for a long time then remove the dust, debris and clogging issues. Consequently, the air filters can worsen the condition of the cooling fan inside the HVAC system. The air filter can lose its power to filter the air and you can experience breathing troubles. This gets worse for the ones strugglings with Asthma and other allergies.

When Should You Change the Air Filter?

Generally, every air filter comes with a prescribed or suggested time frame for usage. Whenever you install a new air filter, the packing of the filter would inform you about the lifespan of the current air filter. But, you should not wait for that too long. Experts suggest that the date is the absolute maximum. You should replace the filter way before that.

If the filtering capacity of the air filter reduces then you can face minimized airflow. Basically, the air filter works as a porous medium that captures dust particles. If the air filter catches more dust particles than its capacity, then it can block the normal airflow from the HVAC system.

Replace the old filters with high-grade filters before the seasons of flu arrive. Especially during spring and fall, the flu germs start to clone. Avoid stagnant air in your home and consider changing air filters during seasonal changes along with basic AC cleaning.

If you have gone through any home renovation then you should concentrate on changing the HVAC filters for efficient performance. There is another sign through which you can detect that it’s the time to replace the air filters. If you have to use vacuum cleaners more often to get rid of dust then change the air filters. 

Procedure to Change the HVAC Air Filters

This is an easy process. Follow the simple guidelines below for changing the air filters.

  1. Shut down the HVAC system before you proceed.
  2. Next, you have to find out the air filter. The filters are usually on the ceiling or the wall, covered with an iron block.
  3. Detach the iron block from its position by using a screwdriver if necessary. If your HVAC system doesn’t have an iron block then open up the removable lid of the box. 
  4. Locate the filter inside the HVAC system. The filter should have a mention of its size or at least its model number printed on it.
  5. Now, remove the filter and check if there is any additional issue. Buy a new filter according to the specifications of the previous one.
  6. Place the new air filter to its exact position. Put the iron block or put the cover back to their places. Note down the date on which you are changing the air filter. So that you know when to examine the air filter for the next time.

Measures on Buying a New Air Filter

You have found the correct size or model of your air filter. But, if you are not convinced or the print is missing from the air filter then don’t panic. We have got some excellent tips on buying new air filters for the HVAC system.

Escape cheap options for air filters. Those are good for nothing. Make sure that you purchase only pleated filters with sturdy wire mesh. Wired meshes are essential for support so that air filters don’t collapse. 

Check if the air filter has got a standard MERV rating. Check whether the filter score is at least 8 to 9 MERV ratings. If you don’t feel so confident then you can get suggestions from AC Maintenance professionals of Dubai-Cleaners.

Do you Need to Go to Professionals?

If it is related to regular AC cleaning or changing the air filters then you can do it yourself. But, this can lead to subsequent problems, so it’s high time to call in professionals. Consider Dubai-Cleaners for a professional AC cleaning, air filter replacing, AC duct cleaning, and other AC related troubles. Avail service from Dubai-Cleaners, especially during seasonal changes.

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