Essential Tips on Cleaning Smartphone (Expert Guide)

Cleaning Smartphone

Practicing hygiene has become an essential norm for better sustainable living. It is what keeps us safe from bacteria and all sorts of viruses from our body because it is easy for micro-organisms to get inside and affect us. But, there is one thing that we often forget or rather neglect sanitizing and that is our smartphones. Amidst the busy life schedules, keeping your smartphones sanitized is the last thing we do. 

But, it is highly essential to keep sanitized smartphones because we continuously use it for calls and texting and more. Now, here you get to know about the exclusive ways to keep a smartphone clean. Or to prevent the hassle, you can rely on experts for cleaning services. Professionals at Dubai-Cleaners are aware of the effective steps for sanitizing. Well, read more to find out. 

Why is it Necessary to Keep our Smartphones Cleaned?

According to the statistical data analysis, on average, people pick their phones at least 52 times in a day. That being said, they also view and use their phones 14 billion times a day. More and more people are increasingly using their smartphones as they rely on it. 

Concerning that, it has been reported by Dr. Doo-Ryeon Chung, that the coronavirus can last long on metal or plastic surfaces for the last 2 or 3 days. The doctor is associated with the Infection Prevention & Samsung Medical Center. 

He also mentions that it is highly important to keep smartphone devices clean at all times so that we can use them safely. Check out the Tips for Keeping Your Smartphone Clean.

6 Tips On Sanitizing & Cleaning Smartphones

If you’re wondering what are the effective steps on cleaning smartphones then go through the following steps. Professionals from Dubai-Cleaners abide by these rules for Cleaning service.

STEP 1: Remove Phone Cover & Switch Off

The first step in sanitizing your phone is to remove the phone cover or the phone case. Keep it aside during the cleaning process. Now, exit all the background applications running on our phone and then using the power button, switch off the device. Proceed to the next step after this. 

STEP 2. Use Microfiber Cloth For Polishing

Once you’ve switched off your phone, now you need to a microfiber cloth and gently clean the phone by wiping. Experts make sure they go through all the sides and corners of the phone. And, also make sure there are not cruds or smudges or oily texture remaining. This is a method to remove the germ in the physical form. 

The use of friction in this process takes the germs off the glass. And, the reason why a microfiber cloth is better than any damp cloth or paper is that it can easily absorb dirt and grease. 

STEP 3: Use Lysol Wipes

You may know that there are chemicals that are used for treating electronic surfaces. One of them is Lysol which is effective for disinfecting smartphone surfaces. Also, it is safe for use. 

Any leftover germ will be terminated when Lysol is used. Professionals know that the best way to use Lysol wipes is when the wipes are not wet but just damp for cleaning services

You can simply take the wipe and slide it onto the surface of the smartphone smoothly. Make sure you do it for all the sides and screen. There is one more thing that you must be careful in this process and that is to prevent the fingerprint area, charging source, and headphone source from getting wet. 

STEP 4: Leave Your Phone to Airdry

Once done with the aforementioned steps, it’s now time to leave your phone for airdrying. After putting the Lysol wipe, leaving it to dry for the immediate result is much needed. You can choose to leave it for 5 minutes or 10 minutes. 

According to a cleaning expert of Good Housing Institute, Carolyn Forte, the Lysol wipe takes approximately 4 minutes to work on the germs and kill them. Dubai-Cleaners also consider it to be effective for a complete cleaning service. 

STEP 5: Clean with a Clean Towel

After all of this, there will be moisture left on the surface of the phone. It is now time to wipe away the reaming moisture form the phone. It is advisable to void using the same microfiber cloth which you used previously. Instead, use a fresh new one or a clean towel. You can also try bleaching your previous microfiber cloth, for the second-time use, or you can wash it in boiling water as that can kill germs. 

STEP 6: Sanitize Phone Cover/Case

Now, that you’ve finally cleaned and sanitized your phone, it is now time to clean the cover before you put it back on. The experts from Dubai Cleaners know that most covers are made of hard plastic so the use of the right chemicals is necessary to clean the surface. For instance, if you have an Apple cover, then it has been advised that bleach should be completely off from the list of products for cleaning it. Especially, if the covers are made of leather of fabric. 

Tips on Preventing Germs from Smartphones

As much as you keep the Cleaning service regular, there is always a chance that your smartphone gets in contact with germs. So, here are some tips to prevent your smartphone from getting exposed to germs and viruses as much as possible. 

  • Try not to scroll through the phone in a public commute. Germs can easily transfer from handles, seats, and railings. If it is urgent then it is advisable that you use it when you are not holding on to any metal object. 
  • Avoid using the phone in washrooms. No matter how much you sanitize your bathroom, there are always germs and microorganisms in the bathroom. Try not to use it in the bathroom as they can easily cling to the smartphones.  
  • Try not to cross-contaminate between the smartphone and other objects. If you are cooking raw meat, then there are chances of contamination of micro-organisms transferring to the phone if you keep using it. Even, if you wash your hands and use it, germs from raw meat remain.

Thus, if you lack proper knowledge, then it is a wise decision to allow the proficient experts in this domain to assist you in keeping the smartphone clean. Dubai-Cleaners house a team of experienced and trained experts who offer cleaning services as well as sanitization programs to keep you safe from the deadly virus. 

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