Easy House Cleaning Guide to Follow in Pregnancy

cleaning guide during pregnancy

To the ones who are going to have a baby, we wish you a cheerful and bright life ahead. When you start to carry a second heart inside you, you need to take more care of yourself during this pregnancy period. You need to be extra careful about the dos and don’ts lists that are prescribed by your family physician. 

And, these include regular cleaning as well. First, it is necessary to mention that cleaning during pregnancy time can be risky. Continuing to perform certain household works can be off-limits during this time. 

After taking the required precautions then only we would suggest you for house cleaning, but only if it is required. However, the best thing that you can do for you and your baby is avail reliable maid services from your nearby reliable service providers. 

Useful Tips for Pregnants regarding House Cleaning

To ensure a healthy pregnancy, useful cleaning methods and tips can help you to keep your house clean. You need to manage the entire cleaning job effectively. Don’t put extra pressure while cleaning or mopping the floors. Because a hygienic and safe environment is required for you and your baby. 

Green Cleaning Products

During the pregnancy period, you have to avoid toxic chemicals and washing solutions while trying to keep the house deep clean. The only recommended thing that you can use is the green cleaning products. This includes the environment-friendly products that are easily available in the market. 

Additionally, you can even prepare these ecological solutions while staying at your home. All you need is some essential ingredients. This includes components like baking soda, lemon, vinegar and soap. Ensure that the soaps that you will use in the mixture, are safe for both the mother and child. Furthermore, you can even prepare the soap, using home-based ingredients. 

How to Make All-Purpose Cleaning Soap?

If you are pregnant then without any worry you can easily make ecological and all-purpose soap at your home. All you need is the required ingredients to make it. These include items like a mixture of white vinegar (in ½ cup), 1 glass of lemon juice, 2 cups of pure water and half teaspoon of soap.

Now, you have to mix the above-mentioned ingredients for a while and you are ready to fight against the dirt and dust in your home. 

Benefits of using soaps for house cleaning

Making ecological soaps for house cleaning requires a few easy and simple steps. You can apply this soap solution even in the hard to access areas of your home to remove the dirt stains and dust. 

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

With the help of the ecological and safe-to-use soaps, you can easily deep clean the hardwood floors. And, you need to be extra careful while cleaning the hardwood floors. You need to take water and soap at least a 1:5 ratio to remove the tough stains. And, if you need professional help, Dubai-Cleaners can guide you. 

Carpet Cleaning and Window cleaning

Using ecological soap you can deep clean the carpets, too. It is a safe and secured process for pregnant women. All you just need to do is mix the soap and water into a 1:4 ratio. Further, to avoid hassles you can also seek professional full-time maids, from Dubai-Cleaners. 

Even you can apply the mixture on the windows. Just use the soap and the water mixture in 1:1 ratio. This can be the most effective way to clean and rinse the window. However, don’t go for cleaning the hard to reach windows like balcony windows during pregnancy. 


Even if you make the cleaning solutions all by yourself, at times professional maid services are required to clean the house. Additionally, with the help of commercial products, clearing every corner of your house will be easier. If you are going for commercial products, make sure you have taken all the preventive measures for cleaning. This includes using essential items like rubber gloves and a mask. And also, keep the windows open while using these cleaning products. 

Inaccessible Places

The hard to reach places must be avoided by pregnant women. Because activities like climbing, stretching and bending fall under the “Don’t list” in the pregnancy period. So, it is suggested to hire a full-time maid to perform the cleaning, washing and for other requirements.

Hire the professional maid services to fight against the dirt, dust, and debris. With the help of the right kind of equipment and chemical solutions, the cleaning experts will make your house immaculate.

Further, it is strictly prohibited to not to use any heavy tools during the pregnancy time. So, take professional guidance for home cleaning from Dubai-Cleaners. Get dusting hacks and make your house safe. We are wishing you luck and warm wishes for the little ones who are going to light up your world even more. 

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