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Clean Your Own Pool with Expert Guide

You have to clean your pool to maintain it properly as these are basic requirements during the summer when you crave for a splash in cool water. But, in our busy schedule, we often forget to do our basic tasks-pool cleaning is one of them. 

Now, if you don’t clean your pool on a regular basis, then the pool will become too dirty to use it again. Fortunately, experts associated with the pool cleaning services in Dubai, provide some amazing techniques that you can attempt, to clean your pool without a lot of expenses.

Why is Cleaning your Pool Essential?

You might think that you can add chlorine or any other sanitizing chemicals to the pool water, but that won’t work. So, what’s the requirement to clean your Pool? 

To resolve your queries, we will take an example. While you shower, definitely you use soap and shampoo. These are cleaning products, but do they clean the bathtub? The answer is no. Shampoo and soap are used to clean your body not the fibreglass. Also, most of the time, the bathtub and shower walls stay wet, so there are huge possibilities that mold will start to grow on these places.

The same rule will apply for the pool. Chemical solutions can clean the pool water but are unable to properly clean the pool walls, and floors. Hence, pool cleaning services in Dubai advise you to regularly clean your pool. And for this, here we have provided some brilliant tips.

  • Skimming & Brushing

Now, before skimming and brushing your pool, ensure that you have the following equipment:

  • A leaf skimmer
  • A telescoping pole
  • Pool Brush. This brush is used to wipe down dust from the sides. Keep in mind, the brush must be neat and clean.

First, you have to skim the surface of the pool with the leaf skimmer. So, just attach the skimmer to the telescopic pole and start the skimming. Afterwards, take a net and throw it in the pool in order to take out the debris. Also, if you notice any loose particles at the top of the pool water, just throw the net skimmer and remove them.

Now, once you have removed the debris from the top of the pool, then it’s time to use the pool brush to clean the pool sides and stairs. To do so, you just have to attach the brush to the telescopic pole. And, after that run it on these surfaces. If required, give some extra force to take out the grime. Remember, areas like stairs, the ladder needs special attention.

  • Vacuuming

You can use a pool vacuum in order to clean the floor of the pool. Depending on your needs, multiple types of pool vacuums are available in the market. However, we always advise you to use a manual pool vacuum. Also, to know which one is best for you, ask the experts associated with the pool cleaning services in Dubai.  

Now, once you have decided the pool vacuum, you need to set up the vacuum. Like, for a manual vacuum, you can attach the vacuum head to the telescopic pool. After that, you can slightly lower the head of the vacuum within the pool.

In addition, you must feed the hose within the pool. Then, before attaching the pump, you should ensure that the air is removed from the hose. Before removing the air, if you attach the pump, it can harm you.

Then, you need to move the vacuum over the bottom of the swimming pool. Let the vacuum stay on the areas that look dirty. In the bottom, you will see all the bacteria and debris. Hence, we advise you to vacuum the pool at least once a week.

  • Use Chemicals

You can use some chemicals to clean the pool. However, before using, you should check the water pH level at least four times a week and ensure that the pool is safe to use.

Depending on how you chlorinate your pool, the pH level lies between 7.2 and 7.8. In case, the pH level is outside the range, you need to increase pH or use a pH reducer, then adjust the level.

Inspect the pool filter and look for grime, dust, and debris. In case, you encounter anything stuck on the filter, remove it. Then, drop some sanitizing chlorine tablets into the water. These tablets can kill the bacteria in the pool. We advise you to use a Pool Shocker cleaning solution as it can kill bacteria, as well as remove other elements, such as urine, sweat and hair.


However, sometimes vacuuming is not enough to clean the pool and you need to hire a professional expert. Have you decided to hire a professional cleaning service? Then, join with the Dubai Cleaners and get the requisite pool cleaning services in Dubai.

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