Clean and Disinfect the Countertop Materials to Prevent COVID-19

Disinfect the Countertop

COVID-19 has spread across the world and we amidst this pandemic are struggling to stay safe and maintain a hygienic environment around us. WHO has prescribed several measures to prevent ourselves from getting affected by this deadly virus. And, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), this virus can even cling to any surfaces, including the countertop surfaces of your house. 

Thus, to safeguard your house, all you need to do is disinfecting the entire house with authentic cleaning products. And, by just associating with the top-leading disinfection services in Dubai, such as Dubai-Cleaners, you will get a professional hand in cleaning and disinfecting your home or office. 

Which Surfaces can get affected with COVID-19

We are going to mention certain essential cleaning strategies to prevent Novel Coronavirus. And, by just following a proper cleaning guideline, you can now combat the problems. 

Possible Areas 

There are some common probable areas of your house, where coronavirus virus can stay for a longer period. And, without having a proper cleaning strategy, it is impossible to safeguard yourself from getting affected by the harmful germs of viruses. 

Shipping Cupboards, Plastic, and Metal

On surfaces like shipping cardboards, the virus can cling for more than 24 hours. And in the plastics, this deadly virus can even stay for a maximum of 3 days. And, in the metal surfaces, the virus can even stay for 3-4 days.

Stainless and Aluminum Surfaces

According to the renowned public health authorities like the World Health Organization, the virus lasts up to 3 days on stainless steels. Additionally, in items like copper, it stays for 4 hours. Besides, on the Aluminium surfaces, it can cling for 2-8 hours and in the ceramic items, the number of days is 5. 

How to Clean the Surfaces to Prevent COVID-19

Once you are done with getting information about the types of surfaces where Coronavirus can stay, now you need to shift your focus on cleaning such surfaces effectively. And, to safeguard your home it is important to well-clean the house to make it germ and dirt free. 

However, if you find it difficult and risky to clean the surfaces all by yourself, you can hire the professionals of Dubai-Cleaners and opt for a disinfectant service. 

Surfaces that needed to be cleaned

Add effective disinfectants in the water while cleaning the house. And, when you are cleaning, rinse the house with proper cleaning equipment, make sure you have cleaned them most frequently. This includes surfaces like doorknobs, table and chair handle, bathroom doors, cabinet doors, most used home appliances like a fridge or microwave, and countertop areas. 

And, once you are done with the cleaning part, now proceed with disinfecting. Make sure, the disinfectant products contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide or 70% alcohol. These components help to eradicate the germs from the countertops. 

Disinfect the Countertop Areas

After cleaning the most frequently used areas of your house, you have to clean and disinfect the inaccessible areas like marble countertops. Additionally, based on the type of surface the cleaning treatment will differ.

Clean the marble countertop

In areas like marble countertops, use the alcohol-based cleaning solution to make it germ-free. Further, you have to use a mixture of water and regular soap. 

Disinfect the Granite and Quartz countertops

It is quite easy to disinfect and clean the areas like Granite and Quartz countertops. And, to clean that you can use any kind of cleaning solution. 

Butcher Block Countertops

And for the butcher block countertops, you have to use the hydrogen-peroxide based cleaners. This cleaning solution will eliminate the COVID-19 virus. 

Sealed Concrete Countertops

On sealed concretes, you use alcohol-based cleaning solutions. And, as well as, you can opt for the diluted bleaching solutions.

Professional Disinfection Services to Avoid the Risk of COVID-19

Make your surroundings safe and healthy and prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you have a busy work schedule or lack proper knowledge in this domain, then seek expert guidance. The premium and top-notched disinfection services in Dubai offer effective cleaning in your house and workplaces. 

Dubai-Cleaners, being a recommendable name provide professional assistance in disinfecting the hard-to-reach areas of your place. Moreover, they use advanced equipment and products to eliminate the germ, virus, and other microorganisms. 

Moreover, they are available, even in this pandemic, to offer you an effective cleaning service. So, now it is time to make every corner of your house pristine and germ-free.

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