5 Best COVID-19 Cleaning Tips for BrewPubs and Restaurants [Reopen after Stay-at-home Orders]

During this novel coronavirus outbreak, we all need to maintain hygiene and need to stay safe. And in this pandemic, all the restaurants, bars, and brewpubs are closed. According to the W.H.O guidelines, it is stated that more than three persons can not be together in one place. And, it is necessary to maintain a safe distance to prevent COVID-19.

But gradually, the delivery of the foods is starting and you can order your favourite dishes again. However, the restaurant, bar or brewpub owners need to check that the place is cleaned and disinfected with the right chemical solutions and products. 

Seeking help from top-rated professionals can help with the deep cleaning services to eliminate the bacteria, germs, and deadly viruses from the restaurants or brewpubs. And, once the visitors get assurance that the place is not contaminated, they will surely come to visit such places regularly. Advanced cleaning tools can help to keep every edge of restaurants or bars clean and germ-free. 

What Kind of Cleaning Tips Will Be Beneficial to Fight Against COVID-19?

You need to follow certain cleaning tips to make sure your restaurants or brewpubs are clean and bacteria-free. And, first and foremost, every restaurant owner should opt for deep-cleaning services from the top-class and supreme quality service providers. 

And, not just cleaning the entrance point of the places but also, you have to properly clean and wash the entire area of your restaurant, bar, and brewpubs. 

1. Get Detailed Information About Deep Cleaning 

Availing deep cleaning services is the ultimate choice to protect your visitors from getting infected. With deep cleaning, you get to disinfect and sanitize the areas of restaurants or brewpubs as well. Because, by just using regular soap or water, it won’t prevent the deadly novel coronavirus. So, reopen your restaurant by just connecting with the assistance of specialized professionals of Dubai-Cleaners. 

2. Clean the Entry and Exit Point

The front side is the main lobby of the restaurant area, bar, and restroom that is mostly visited by the customers. And, it is essential to start cleaning from the entrance till the exit points. Because viruses can spread from anywhere in restaurants or brewpubs areas. So, it is suggested to deep clean the most touched areas like doorknobs, washrooms, or tables with disinfectants. Get a clean and safe environment by just connecting with the best deep cleaning services

3. Schedule the Daily Cleaning Routine

Daily deep cleaning ensures the restaurants or bars are free from any kind of harmful bacterias. Additionally, you have to clean certain things to keep your place healthy and safe. 

Cleaning the interior and exterior walls, cooking appliances, tap handles, utensils are necessary. Additionally, you have to clean the trash cans, floors, and beverage dispensers.  

4. Maintain a Weekly Cleaning Routine

We would recommend you to deep clean the inaccessible areas of your restaurant, brewpub, and bars, too. And, in that weekly cleaning routine, one has to follow the below-mentioned things to deep cleanse areas. 

  • The ovens, walls, doors, mats, floor drains, and light fixtures need to be deep cleaned with professional experts. 
  • Additionally, it is necessary to clean the chair legs, baseboards, and drink fountain nozzles. Don’t forget to clean the de-time faucets and sinks.
  • The most used appliances like refrigerators and freezers needed to be deep cleaned with effective chemical solutions. 
  • Lastly, clean the essentials like deep fryers, frying pans, spoons, and kitchen chimneys. 

5. Opt for Monthly Cleaning and Maintenance

Apart from weekly and daily cleaning, monthly cleaning is also required to keep aside all the infectious germs and microbes. 

  • It is necessary to clean the water marks from the walls, hotline, fridge coils, and grease traps. 
  • Additionally, the coffee machines also need to clean and disinfect with the ecological disinfectants.
  • Deep clean the freezer and remove the dirt, mites, dust, and other build-ups from the kitchen.
  • Furthermore, we would suggest you clean the ceilings and decorations as well. 

Professional Deep Cleaning Services to Eliminate the COVID-19 

The supreme and top-notched deep cleaning services in Dubai offer effective cleaning for your restaurants, bars, and brewpubs. Dubai-Cleaners, being a recommendable name provide professional guidance regarding deep cleaning the areas. Moreover, they use the right equipment and safe cleaning products to offer you a healthy and germ-free environment. 

They are available round the clock even in this pandemic to help you start your restaurants again. So, enhance the cleanliness and hygiene level by joining with Dubai-Cleaners

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