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Al Raffa identifies as a big residential community for thousands of people. It is a large community that holds many amenities to make life easier. For instance, shopping malls, restaurants, grocery markets and much more. For a healthy living, these amenities are important. Similarly, for luxury living, cleaning, and maintenance services are important. You can say cleaning is not a hard job, but if you don’t do it right, the results are not effective. Besides, a busy lifestyle can also stop you from doing it on your own. 

Emergency Services

To make sure your house or office is perfectly clean at all times, you need to constantly pay attention to everything in there which can be a tough call. Especially, if you have a busy work schedule.


Our emergency services include Home Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Santiziation & Disinfection, laundry & dry cleaning services, Maid Services, Carpet & Curtain Cleaning. It also includes Car Wash, AC Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, KItchen CLeaning services in Al Raffa. 

Instant Services 

We truly understand the gravity of time management. Hence we believe to get things done as fast as possible. The moment you request our service, we do the needful to assign the professional at your location. No matter which region of Al Raffa you live in, our experts will get to you and start instant services. 

Certified Experts

For us, your safety matters the most. It is our top concern before providing quality service. Hence, we make sure that our experts are certified and licensed before they register themselves with us for the services. Additionally, they go through tons of training sessions to achieve excellence. Besides, they’re friendly and available for any informative interaction. So, if you live in Al Raffa and want to get emergency services, then you can rely on Dubai Cleaners. 

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