A Complete To-Do List for End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

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If you have been staying in a rented property and you have almost reached the end of the tenancy contract, then it’s time for serious action. It’s your responsibility to keep everything clean and tidy before you leave. Though the end of tenancy cleaning service doesn’t sound enthusiastic, you can’t neglect your duty.

But, how should you initiate the cleaning on your own? It’s not that difficult what it seems to be. However, you need perfect planning and enough time to engage in such cleaning services. 

We have discussed important cleaning hacks and other important tasks before you reach an end of your lease. Moreover, contact Dubai Cleaners for compact and reliable cleaning services.

  • Pest Control

In case, the lease is going to expire in a month then you should avail pest control services. Especially when you have encountered pest issues in your rented property. As the pest control services need time and the effectiveness to stay for a considerable period, one month prior to leaving the house is the ideal time. The landlord expects you to vacate the property by making it free of pests. 

  • Outside Cleaning

If the property has a lawn or garden, manage the garden by cutting bushes, sweeping out leaves, etc. Additionally, you can apply a weed cleaner to get rid of unwanted weed in the garden. Keep the backyard clean. Don’t forget to remove cobwebs and spray insecticide wherever needed. If the property has a garage you have to clean it and pay attention that your car should not leave any tyre mark there. Consider outside cleaning service at least seven days prior to your leaving.

  • Inside Cleaning

As a matter of fact, you can’t accomplish every cleaning service at the same time. So, try to make an organized plan to complete everything one at a time. However, have a look at the blinds and curtains. Are they clean enough? 

Wash them or use vacuum cleaners to clean them. Similarly, check the lights and other fittings in the property. Accomplish the necessary cleaning or washing and replace those faulty ones. Make sure that you clean air conditioners, fans, and exhaust fans, as well.

  • Walls

Don’t underestimate the walls because the walls will make the first impression on your landlord when he or she will visit the rented house. Wash them with a mild detergent and water. Remove webs and all from walls and ceilings. 

If the walls have got any scuff marks, seams and cracks during your tenancy period it’s your duty to fix it. Most of the landlords don’t bear these mistakes. However, avail a touch-up service from professionals or do it yourself a week ago before you have to vacate the house. If you had paintings and photo frames nailed on the walls then fill in the holes.

  • Windows

Smudge windows are not acceptable to landlords. Take a broom and eliminate cobwebs from the windows from inside to outside. Use a cloth and cleaning agent to make your windows sparkling. Additionally, you can take the help of a vacuum cleaner to clean the window tracks. Consider window cleaning three or four days before the contract ends.

  • Toilets

When you have only two days left, it’s time to act in full-swing. The toilet should be free from any dirt and pungent odour before you leave the property. Hence, you should not avail toilet deep cleaning but also disinfect the toilets. 

Scrub the toilet with brush and toilet cleaners. Don’t skip any part of your toilet, light fittings, toilet pipes and any other aspect there in the toilet. 

Moreover, you can go for disinfectant spray or disinfectant wipes for easy cleaning. Don’t forget to wear gloves because your hygiene is important too. Additionally, wash the tiles on the walls of the toilet followed by disinfection. 

  • Living Space

Probably, your living space has got the most of the surfaces available in the entire house. Whether it be the surface of floors or the table surfaces, clean them with a damp cloth. In the end, disinfect them with an eco-friendly disinfectant. You can’t miss the floors. Keep the floors sparkling as it was with vacuum cleaners or spray mopping. 

If the living area has in-built wardrobes then clean them as well after you have packed all your belongings. You can use a dry cleaning agent to clean the furniture, as well. Ensure that you check every light, switch and other attached electrical appliance before you leave. You have to eliminate your personal nails, hooks, and posters.

  • Kitchen Cleaning Service

Empty the cupboards and cabinets. Check if you have cleaned off stains and food crumbs with a wet cloth or vacuum cleaners. Detach your electrical appliances from their power sources and mop the area beneath them. Clean the dishwasher, fridge so that they are free from any kind of stain, grime, and grease.

To deal with grease and dust over kitchen cabinets and shelves, use a mild detergent along with water and clean them with this soapy solution. Dry them after you are done. Don’t leave the kitchen range or cooktop dirty. Furthermore, you can consider Dubai Cleaners for all-in-one end of tenancy cleaning service if you don’t want to take the stress and mess.

  • Bathroom

The bathroom might have accumulated dust and hair, especially when you have a pet. First of all, consider a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all loose dirt and dust. Clean your showerheads and toilet fittings. Then, concentrate on cleaning the walls, corners, and bathtubs. 

Pay special attention when you are cleaning glass and mirrors inside the bathroom. Use recommended glass cleaners for making them spot and smudge-free. 

  • Staircase

When you are busy with floor cleaning services, don’t ignore the staircase. Wipe them with both water and disinfectant. If not possible, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean them and remove all the cobwebs too from behind the staircase.

  • Bedroom

We guess that everyone keeps their bedroom clean on a daily basis. So, it doesn’t require that much effort before you hand over the keys to the landlord. But, mattress cleaning can give you a headache. Avail mattress cleaning from Dubai Cleaners if you want to save your time.

Moreover, mop the floors, clean the wardrobe from inside out, mirrors with a cleaning solution. Later, use a disinfectant spray to confirm maximum security against any kind of infection.

  • Carpet Cleaning Service

You should consider carpet cleaning one day before you leave the house permanently. As dirt, dust and hair can easily stick to carpets very easily, you should give it a try at the very end. You can shampoo the carpet or use a steam cleaner to get rid of stains and odour, instantly. However, you can take help from a professional cleaning service provider such as Dubai Cleaners for remarkable carpet cleaning.


These changes will be enough as the end of tenancy, from your behalf as a tenant. Go through the house and recheck the to-do list, whether you are missing anything before you are ready with the keys to hand over to the landlord. 

If your rental bond is going to expire very soon then hopefully these tips will help you a lot. And, if you don’t like cleaning all by yourself can hire cleaning services then Dubai Cleaners and their professionals are there to help you with every possible stuff.

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