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10 Effective Disinfectant Sprays to Invest in 2020

Nobody dares to eliminate the importance of disinfectants after cleaning when it comes to health and hygiene safety standards. Already 2020 has gained its fame as a pandemic year due to the Coronavirus outbreak. And, you can maintain a safe distance from the deadly disease by following cleanliness procedures and social distancing.

However, choosing the right disinfectant can seem cumbersome. Because there are different surfaces around you and it can be quite tricky which disinfectant goes well with which surface. For instance, you can’t use that hard-floor disinfectant spray for your delicate wearables. 

But at the same time, it is essential to get rid of those clingy germs using a disinfectant, as per experts’ suggestion. So, let’s find out the best-in-class disinfectant sprays for 2020 to lead a healthy and secure lifestyle. Also, you can get professional sanitization and disinfection service from Dubai Cleaners. 

  1. Lysol Disinfectant Spray

This universal disinfectant spray contains quaternary ammonium rather than bleaching substances. Though it is meant for spraying over hard and non-porous surfaces, you can consider its usage on clothes, too. 

As the disinfectant is skin-friendly and contains no bleach, it does not irritate, mostly. According to research, this disinfectant can remove viruses in only ten minutes. But, this is not capable of eliminating all pathogens out there. You can use this spray for household cleaning and disinfecting.

2. Clorox Multi-Surface Cleaner + Bleach

If you are looking for a harsh disinfectant for hard floors, tiles, sinks, bathroom and toilets, then this is the one. As you know that virus can spread from toilets too, this disinfectant spray can be there at your rescue. As it has a bleaching agent, it can kill viruses and harmful bacterias in just a minute. 

But, don’t use it over garments as they can be bleached. Don’t forget to cover your nose and mouth and wear gloves when you are going to apply the disinfectant spray on hard surfaces.

3. Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant

Are you searching for a disinfectant that can eliminate food-borne pathogens? Then, no-rinse Purell surface disinfectant can serve you the best. Moreover, you need not be concerned about its use on the surfaces near the food storage. Just spray the product where required and let it sit for thirty seconds. 

Additionally, you need not dry it out. Furthermore, you can spray on kitchen countertops, cutting boards, pets’ toys, baby cots’ railings, etc. It’s very safe to touch right after spraying them as it dries out faster than other disinfectant sprays. 

4. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer

Though it is not a disinfectant spray, you might be looking for a laundry sanitizer. And this can be the safest option for you. According to recent studies, it is evident that germs and bacterias can stick to your clothes for a more extended period of time. Additionally, damp clothes can lead to moulds and fungus if not exposed to direct sunlight. 

So, you can avoid both the circumstances by bringing Lysol Laundry Sanitizer at your home. Irrespective of the nature of the fabric, this product sanitizes all your clothes without harming them. You can add this phenolic sanitizer to your regular or heavy wash cycles with any detergents. However, it contains dye and fragrance; so be careful if you have sensitive skin.

5. Motop Disposable Hand Spray

When you go outside, it’s not possible to access water and soap every time. That’s why you should carry a disinfectant spray for your hands. Thus, you can touch your nose and eye without any hesitation. This hand spray is ideal for disinfecting your hands. Moreover, it is skin-friendly and assures long-lasting protection against a wide range of germs. Carry one spray container with you whenever you step out of your house.

6. Chapin International Disinfectant Spray

Are the infection rates highly increasing in your area? Then, you need a potent disinfectant to combat the deadly virus. Chapin disinfectant spray offers you all-in-one solutions for bacteria, fungi and virus elimination. 

Moreover, you can avail the disinfectant with a large container, nozzle and hose to spray away the Coronavirus. You can refill the container with other disinfectant liquids for future use. However, this product contains bleach. So beware while spraying; take precautions and wear PPE kits for the best results.

7. Dettol Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray

It is impossible that you name disinfectants and Dettol won’t appear in your mind. You can undoubtedly get this disinfectant spray for your home. It claims to eliminate 99 per cent of germs, including dust and grimes as well. You can get rid of stubborn stains using Dettol disinfectant spray.

The disinfectant spray is perfect for day to day use in sinks, hard-floorings, bathrooms, countertops, ceramics, metal surfaces. After usage of this disinfectant spray, the entire home will be germ-free and feel fresh.

8. GraPefruit All-Purpose Disinfectant Spray

Avail all-day alcohol-free protection with this disinfectant spray. It is highly recommended for eradicating germs from the skin but not the smoothness. Additionally, it won’t feel sticky while used. Moreover, if you can’t bear the fragrances, then you can opt for this disinfectant spray. And, being portable, you can carry it wherever you want.

9. Shibari Advanced Toy Cleaner

Are you stressed out for how to keep the toys disinfected for your kid and pets? As they tend to chew the toy, the disinfectant spray should not contain harmful additives such as alcohol, paraben in it. Then, Shibari Advanced Toy Cleaner is a great option to lower down the risk of infection among your kids and pets. Moreover, it leaves no residue after spraying.

10. Lysol Kitchen Pro Antibacterial Cleaner

This cleaner cum disinfectant is meant for your kitchen surfaces, especially designed by Lysol. It has got non-bleaching agents and thus safe for fabrics too. Make your kitchen surfaces such as countertops, gas cooktops, refrigerators, cabinets disinfected with this product. Basically, it sanitizes but doesn’t guarantee full disinfection.


These are 10 most reliable and best in the market disinfectant products for daily use. Choose one or more than one according to your requirements. Moreover, you can use disinfectant wipes to wipe off the surfaces outside whenever you require to touch them. Make sure to check the label of disinfectants whenever you purchase one. Furthermore, avail cleaning and disinfection services from Dubai Cleaners to retain your satisfaction and avoid disinfecting hassles. 

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